International Conference on Green Energy and Sustainable Technology 


“Green and Sustainable Energy Systems”

05-07 January 2024 | NIT Kurukshetra


Papers are invited on all following topics but not limited to them

TRACK-I: Green Energy/Renewable Energy 

Solar, wind, geothermal, bio gas, green energy in Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, baggasee, Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, Renewable power generation & clean energy technologies, Integration of renewable energy sources and storage systems, Renewable power generation forecasting and Optimization etc.

TRACK-II: Smart Grid and Energy management 

Micro grids, smart grids, Protection Issues of Hybrid Microgrids, Challenges in Grid Integration of microgrids, Security and stability of islanded Microgrids, Active distribution networks and AC/DC Microgrids, Demand side energy management & prosumers participation. Rural Development through Green Energy, energy storage, Cloud Computation/ Edge Computation, Data Acquisition and Monitoring, Data Management, Distributed Optimization, Modern Heuristic Optimization, High Performance Computing for Grid Analysis big data analytics and machine learning real-time vulnerability assessment, demand management, predictive analytics, theft detection, energy trading, economic dispatch etc.

TRACK-III: Sustainable energy Policies

Green energy Policies and Programmes, Electricity Market, Market Mechanism, Power System Economics, Carbon Transactions, Ancillary Services, Blockchain and Transactive Energy Systems, Energy Policies, Future Energy Markets, Energy Efficiency, Big Data, Digital Twin, Energy Management, Demand Response/ Demand Side Management, Forecasting in Energy Systems, System Modelling and Simulation, Co-Simulation and Real-Time Simulation, Income generation with green energy. National bioenergy programmes: economic, political and social issues.


Operations and Planning, Power System Flexibility, Active Distribution Networks, Multi-Energy Systems, Simulation & Control For Power System With High Penetration of Renewables, Impact Of Climate Change Impacts on Grid, Smart Cities Solutions, Urban Power System, T&D Interface Issues and Solutions, Bulk Power System, Restoration and Mitigation of Extreme Events, Power System Restoration with Renewable Energy Sources, Electrical and Gas Systems, Integrated Resource Planning, Advancements in ADMS, DERMS, EMS, and OMS Solutions, Uncertainty Management, Energy storage and cyber security for smart grids etc.

TRACK-V: Bio Fuels, Bio energy, Thermal energy

Bioenergy supply management strategies, Biofuels in developing economies, Biomass, Renewable Energy for Power and Heat, Solar thermal and photovoltaics, Greening the Fossil Fuels, Carbon and Methane capture, Thermal and recycling, Solar Desalination, Hydrogen and fuel cell, Alternative Fuels, CFD in green energy etc.


Power electronics for hybrid and electric vehicles, Small, medium and long-range wireless power transfer, Modelling and design of wireless power transfer coils, Vehicle power electronic circuits and systems, Charging systems, Batteries, super capacitors and flywheel, Power electronics topologies for integration of energy storage etc.

TRACK-VII: Waste to Energy 

Waste management, green energy and impact on waste, energy harvesting from waste, Energy in food production, agriculture and processing etc.

TRACK-VIII: Energy, Environment and green buildings

Integration of renewable energy sources in buildings, Sustainable materials for buildings, Greening Urbanization and Urban settlements, Energy and Health, Energy and Water, Energy efficiency in building designs and management, Integration of renewable energy sources in buildings, smart transportation, Advance biofuel for a sustainable heavy-duty transport and aviation, Sustainable materials for buildings, GIS applications in renewable energy, green energy sources identification using satellite remote sensing,  Environmental applications of remote sensing and GIS, AI in green buildings, Drone applications in sustainable buildings etc.

Track IX: Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Rapid urbanization and energy-environmental implications, Green Energy in Transport and impact on environment, Remote sensing and GIS for climate change analysis and prediction.